Sumerian Lord Of The Earth and The Sweet Waters, Enki is one of the most ancient gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon, greatest and wisest of them all. He was the patron deity of the venerable city of Eridu, established well over 7000 years ago. KNown as Ea to the Babylonians, he is the god of Magick, the creator of mankind, the founder of civilization, a great scholar and patron of the arts and sciences, ruler of fresh water, and the Guardian of The Abyss. Enki is the Lord of DOOM, providing newly born humans with the will and capacity to affect their own destiny. He appears as a bearded man with water flowing from his shoulders, his sign is the Caduceus, the serpent double helix.

Enki is the Sea Goat Capricorn, he is the Illuminator and the Liberator, the guiding light in the darkness. He is the Rebel Savant and stands ever vigilant against the oppression of his fascist brother, the storm god Enlil.

Enki is the Master of Abzu, the primordial Cosmic Waters. Abzu is both the swirling well of souls at the center of the Earth as well as the Far Waters, the Aethyr of the Cosmos itself. It is raw chaos, the very stuff of formation, from which all of Creation is shaped and springs forth. Its also Daath, the great Abyss, the realm that must be crossed and mastered in order to truly become a Magus.

Enki is totally awesome, the great alchemist of the gods, he created beer and drank it too. The host of many fabulous parties, he is joyous and virile, laid back and stoney. Enki is mischievous and loves a good joke, at his expense or others, but he never seeks to harm. He never moves out of anger and always seeks to disarm and reconcile those in conflict. He is good and wise, fair and just, using his magick for the betterment of others. Enki is the most ancient patron godform of our esteemed Disorder of DOOM, he is its founder and its perpetrator. Call upon his might and his wisdom to lead you through the dark night onwards to greatness, for he is the Divine Redeemer within us all.


The Hindu God of wealth, writing, and wisdom; He is the Lord Of Beginnings and the Remover Of Obstacles, as well as being a great patron of the arts and sciences. Ganesh typically manifests as a man with the head of an elephant, four arms, and a great pot belly. In his hands he often carries various objects from the traditional such as an axe, a thorn, or one of his broken tusks, to the untraditional such as holding a slice of pizza or simply giving a thumbs up.

As the Lord Of Beginnings it is Ganesh who helps kindle the spark in those of us who seek to begin the Quest for DOOM and it is he who tests us along the way. But even as he makes the way more difficult it is also he in his role as the Remover Of Obstacles who makes free our path. Ganesh bestows wealth upon the studious, not just material but soulful and spiritual wealth as well. Ganesh can be called upon to grant us wisdom, illuminate our course, help clear our way to success, and even throw us an encouraging high five from time to time.


Greek goddess of magick, the moon, crossroads, and portals, she is Queen of earth, sea, and sky. She takes many forms, she is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, spanning the course of human life, she is simultaneously young and old, waxing and waning. Hekate can appear both beautiful and radiant as well as fearsome and dark, she is a shining Goddess, an opener of portals, a revealer of paths, she illuminates the truth that lies in the dark, she is the light of the Moon shining upon the Earth and into our very souls.

Hekate is the dark side of the Great Goddess, the dark side of us all, and just like the dark she is vilified out of fear, but she is not evil. She walks the night with a torch in one hand and a key in the other, seeking to light the way to Truth and unlock the door that binds it. She is Queen of the Night and Mistress of Magick, her Tarot is the Moon, her totem the dog. Sometimes Hekate is depicted with snakes in her hair, the symbols of wisdom entwined about her countenance.

Hekate dwells on the fringes of society, separate and apart from other Gods, a rebel Goddess. She moves freely amongst ghosts and demons and the destitute unhindered. As the Maiden she is young and free and willful, not tied down by anything. As the Mother she is the Matriarch of the World, the Mother of all, and the protector of children. As the Crone she is wisdom personified, mistress of Time and Death. Hekate moves freely between worlds and is the patroness of those seeking guidance who seek to do the same. Call upon her aid in this long night as you journey upon your Quest, remember that she favors those who look within as well as look without in their journey to achieve their own DOOM.


Lord of the Norse Gods and known as Wotan to the ancient German people,these are but two of the many names he goes by. Odins oeuvre is vast and complicated, he is God of both wisdom and war, coupling poetry and magic with fury. He is lord of death, acting as psychopompous, the guide to the dead. He is the Great Wanderer, appearing as the archetypal old wizard with his long beard, robes, wide brimmed hat, and staff. Odin is accompanied by his two raven familiars, Hugin and Munin, who circle the world gathering information for him, and he hunts with his wolves, Freki and Geri, and his eight legged horse Sleipnir.

The Norse All Father holds court from his great hall Valhalla in Asgard, where he awaits DOOMSDAY with his host of fallen warriors. Amongst his many deeds he carved out the northern world of Midgard from the body of the slain frost giant Ymir. To gain his vast wisdom, Odin subjected himself to a series of trials; hanging himself impaled upon his own spear from the sprawling world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights he had an illuminating revelation and discovered the Runes Of Power. He then traded one of his eyes for a drink from the Well Of Wisdom, Mimir.

Odin is the very personification of DOOM, he is a self made God and stands as a symbol to all who seek to follow in his footsteps and become Gods themselves. Invoke Odins power into yourself and invoke often, let his wisdom guide you and his strength invigorate you in your Great Quest.


Olokun is the Orisa God of the ocean depths and the vast mysteries and wisdom that is contained there in. He is ruler of all the waters of the world and all other Orisa and water spirits pay homage to him, but his true dwelling and rulership lies at the bottom of the seas where all ancient secrets of the ages are forever preserved. Olokun is both the revealer and obscurer of truth, he is the ruler of the occult, unknowable wisdom, the knowledge of the deep psyche, and divination. Those that seek secret knowledge beseech him to bestow it upon them and it is for him to decide how much or how little is revealed.

Olokun is the owner of a spectacular wardrobe, so splendid in fact that he once challenged Olofin, the lord of all dry land in the Yoruba traditions, to a contest to see who possessed the most wonderful clothes. He is the Orisa of wealth and the founder of the concept of Aye, the idea of wealth personified as a universal current of energy, thus holding the key to controlling ones own personal source of material well being for themselves.

Olokun is the patron of the African Diaspora and thus is the knower of The DIaspora Of DOOM. He governs good health and aids in pregnancies and birth. He is a favorite of women seeking children and many of his devoted followers are women. In fact, in some traditions Olokun is traditionally perceived to be a women as well.

Olokun is the representative of the Void, oblivion. He is the guardian of the great and vast unknowable Abyss. He holds the key to the secrets of the ages, the past, present, and future. Oloukun is a lord of the Great Secrets of DOOM and any wise Seeker of DOOM would do well to beseech him to bestow his widow upon them. Olokun is the lurker in the Deep, ruling from his great and sprawling palace upon the ocean floor.

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