ADBUSTERS.ORG The website for a magazine dedicated to anti capitolism. Its weapons are graphic design and "subvertisements".

AIN23.COM The website of the Autonomous Individuals Network, the successors to the Temple Ov Psychick Youth (North America) legacy. The site has a great archives section.

ALLTHATISHEAVY.COM Nothing embodies DOOM like Doom Metal. Lay back and open your ears to infinity.

ARCHERSGUILD.BLOGSPOT.COM is a great little blog with cool imagery dedicated to music, flier art, and oddities. Dude is a kindred spirit.

ARTHURMAG.COM The website for Arthur Magazine, a periodical that shares a lot of our interests here at DOOMCULT. The magazine is now defunct but the website is still up and running.

CHADSTAB.COM Home website for possibly the coolest dude who has ever lived. Give him money.

CHAOSMATRIX.ORG is another database focussing on Chaos Magick. Its been a while since anyone added any content to it but whats there is interesting.

COILHOUSE.NET an online pop culture magazine with topics on DIY, anarchopunk, and Cthulu. Also focuses on goth/steampunk fashion quite a bit, but to each their own.

CRIMETHINC.COM is the website for the Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective, a decentralized anarchist collective. The website is primarily concerned with the distribution of information and propaganda.

DISCORDIAN.COM a site dedicated to Eris and her own particular brand of chaos. It hasnt been updated in a while but its still pretty cool.

DISINFO.COM is the web portal for the Disinformation publishing company, an organization focusing on certain subjects generally swept under the rug by modern media.

DODGEMLOGIC.COM Alan Moores home website. Lots of cool knick knacks and graphics.

ESCAPEARTIST.COM Have you ever wanted to just drop everything, assume a new identity, and skip the country?


HERMETIC.COM is an esoteric data base of occult writings. It has many downloadable pdf files of entire arcane grimoires and also collects the writings of various modern Magi and free thinkers such as Austin Osman Spare and Hakim Bey.

ILLOGIGICALCONTRAPTION.BLOGSPOT.COM Another great blog about music and weird rawness. This site is hilarious and it comes with an accompanying radio talk show.

IXAXAAR.COM Online book dealer of rare and creepy esoteric literature based in Finland, a country that knows how to worship Dark Gods.

LAUGHINGSQUID.COM is "an online resource for art, culture and technology from San Francisco and beyond." It also provides web hosting.

OPERATIONMINDFUCK.ORG a discordian website dedicated to FUCKING with you.

PROCESS.ORG The weblog for some ex members of The Process Church of The Final Judgement.

SACRED-TEXTS.COM is a vast online resource for writings on mythology, religion, folklore, and the occult.

SATANICCHURCH.COM After Anton LaVey died his Church Of Satan self destructed into fragments of bickering egos and opportunistic drama queens. His daughter, Karla LaVey, founded her own branch of her fathers legacy, and this girl just wants to have fun.

SAINTSTUPID.COM Website for the FIrst Church Of The Last Laugh, yet another Discordian Church. It seems primarily focused on The Saint Stupids Day Parade and little else, its all weirdos being weird. Good times, good times.

SCARYGOROUND.COM is the online web comic of John Allison. Its now called Bad Machinery but the web address hasnt changed. Its still awesome.

SPIRALNATURE.COM An occult blog that has some interesting articles. Mostly just book reviews, though.

STEVELIST.COM Shows Shows Shows! This is the homepage of Steve Koepke's excellent "The List". An online version of the actual list can be found Here. Its pretty much every show in the Bay Area.

SUBGENIUS.COM The website for The Church Of The Subgenius. There are a lot of ravings about godlike aliens and yeti in this organizations dogma, but unlike the Church Of Scientology, these assholes are just kidding.

SUICIDECLUB.COM The website for the old San Francisco based Suicide Club, a group of weirdos who pulled pranks and vandalized bill boards. They aren't realy around so much anymore, the website is mostly just maintained for posterity.

SUPERBAD.COM This website is pretty weird and a lot of time can be wasted trying to figure it out. If its a joke you have to wonder who the joke is on...

TACTICALMAGIC.ORG is the website for The Center For Tactical Magic, a group dedicated to the promulgation of the pragmatic use of magick as art and social tool. Very similar to what we are doing here at DOOMCULT.

THELEMAPEDIA.ORG is a Wiki for Magick and the occult, mainly focusing on Crowleyanity. Its a valuable resource for esoteric knowledge.

WIKIPEDIA.ORG Yeah, pretty sure youve heard of this one, but we would specifically like to draw your attention to the OCCULT PORTAL and the ANARCHY PORTAL. Puts researching basic DOOM concepts right at your fingertips.

ZEITGEISTMOVIE.COM is the home website of the various Zeitgeist movies and the Zeitgeist Movement. They may be a bit reactionary and one sided but ultimately the purpose of the movies is to draw attention to various structures of elitist control that exist in the world today.