Engineering Reality

There is a standard misconception that reality is itself standardized, but this is not the case. Reality is not constant, it isnt objective, its subjective. Reality is eternally a work in progress and it is what you make of it. You control your own reality, you decide what shape it will take. You think therefore you are, you perceive therefore there is something to perceive. Reality is the ultimate DIY project, so go forth and Do Reality Yourself! DRY til you mother fuckin die!

Now certainly there are those who will argue that many if not all aspects of reality are inarguable, take gravity for instance. If you step off a cliff you fall, whether gravity fits into your paradigm or not you cant escape it. But what if you are in an airplane? Airplanes defy gravity and they are commonplace nowadays. Two hundred years ago they did not exist and no one would have even entertained the idea that man could fly, flying didnt fit into the accepted reality, yet now it does. These same people will then say that man still cannot simply deny gravity, that without the airplane there is no flight. This is of course the exact same kind of small mindedness put forth about flight 200 years ago, yet humankind advanced past it. For those who believe that a person cannot step off a cliff and fly than they will never be able to do it. For those who say that a person cannot pass through walls, turn lead into gold, or become president they are more accurately saying that they themselves cannot do these things and so therefore you shouldnt bother to try it either. Do not listen to these people. These people are boring. These people suck.

You are a portal to another world, oh Noble Seeker of DOOM! Others may not be able to see your world because they are interested in only seeing theirs. A childs imaginary friends are disregarded by their parents as figments and discouraged overtime, but does this mean that they are indeed figments? The raving lunatic may very well be able to converse with disembodied spirits but for all intents and purposes to others the lunatic appears only as a paranoid schizophrenic. Such a person has forsaken the reality of others because others have forsaken the lunatics reality.

So what difference does it make? Perhaps you truly can create your own reality but what good is it if it potentially means ostracizing yourself from everyone else? You may be a God amongst men and a great and powerful wizard in your own eyes but to others youre just a mad man in a cape. Annoy other people enough and they may even have you committed to an insane asylum. Thanks a lot DOOMCULT.

Engineering Reality isnt for everyone, its not for the faint of heart. The trick is making your reality manifest for others. Youve got to be better at it then everybody else, your reality has to be better. Your reality has to enthrall, it must mystify, it must truly be magickal. Be rational in your practice of reality manipulation, understand that others are entrenched in their own worlds and thus may take a little convincing, so convince them. For those that attempt to create their own worlds and control their own DOOM the stakes are great but the rewards are greater.

To quote one of the Patron Saints of DOOMCULT, Robert Anton Wilson; "Reality is what you can get away with." Well said RAW, well said.

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