The Founding Of The DOOMINION

The State and its associated governing bodies have become, at best, an utterly boring and outmoded idea, and at worst the largest and most central bane of human existence. Too often are people held thrall to organizations that control their lives and everyday affairs that were not chosen by the people, that do not govern in the interest of the people, and are out of touch with the people and even rule from afar. In these enlightened times one can choose what political ideals to associate themselves with, what schools to learn at, what businesses to endorse, even what religious beliefs to embrace. Why can we not choose our own governments, if any, to ally ourselves with? Why is it simply assumed that our allegiance lies with where we currently reside geographically or, perhaps more accurately and even more preposterously, where we were legally born?

Now many will argue that in the majority of the world, certainly in the west, the people have the power to "elect" their governing bodies, from the federal down to the local branches. In actual application this practice is, of course, an absolute farce. Voting populations are always a minority; elected officials gain office by majority vote therefore they control the affairs of those who did not actually vote for them; candidates are selected by the governing body so the people seldom get to select their own candidates; elections are easily and frequently rigged; the wealthy and powerful inevitably end up with controlling shares; many government agencies do not actually contain elected offices; etc etc. This is quite clearly despotism masquerading as democracy.

We must reject this old and arbitrary system. It is time for us to begin to truly choose our own governance. We should choose for ourselves what organizations to align with, where our taxes should go, who should be allowed to police us, if we choose any at all. Association should be via a mutual and consensual cooperation. It should be on a strictly contractual basis that anyone can opt out of at any time. We must stop being citizens of geographical nation states and become denizens of practical mental states.

Thus, DOOMCULT has created the DOOMINION, The DOOMINION is a nation free of borders, it physically occupies whatever space its denizens occupy, it is carried in the hearts and minds of those who ascribe virtue to it, to those who believe in it, to those who support it. It is a state of mind, an idea, but do not be mislead, it is utterly tangible, for ideas are as real as anything else. It is a social network, an economy with its own currency, a society with its own programs, and it is a culture concordant yet contrary to all others. Denizens of the DOOMINION are free to come and go as they choose, work and play as they choose, act as they choose, live as they choose. Allegiance to the DOOMINION supersedes allegiance to all other governments because allegiance to the DOOMINION is allegiance to ones own self. It occupies the underworld that binds the very fabric of the regular world together and by living in this world you can learn to be free of the chains of the regular world.

The DOOMINION has been founded, now let us come together and build it by believing in it and making it manifest. Unite under the banner of the Black Star fellow denizens! Unite under the promise of DOOM!

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