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Tuesday December 21st 2010
To Die Is To Sleep
To Sleep Is To Dream

When we drift off to sleep our consciousness dives into Abzu, Baphomet, the Great Sea of Souls at the center of the Earth. It is the sum total of all consciousness on the Earth, a vast pool of all life, woven together in an undulating mass where the borders of the ego dissolve and the self is slowly lost in the vastness of No Self. This is the Dreamworld, the underworld, the land of the dead. When one dreams one sets sail on this great sea, drifting through a collective landscape of thoughts and fears, hopes and desires, interacting with disembodied spirits and the souls of others.

As long as the body still lives the consciousness is anchored to the material plane and can conceivably return to its corporeal chassis without fear of becoming totally lost in the Abzu. In the event of death, however, when the body is damaged or destroyed, the souls connection to this world is severed and there is nothing to actually return to. Therefore the act of dying is essentially the same as the act of going to sleep, the only difference is that in the case of death, there is no returning, not in the current form anyway.

A living, conscious being is made up of three parts; the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body. The concept of the Body is easy enough to understand, it is the material form that exists and can most easily be perceived, you can see it, touch it, etc. The Soul is essentially psychic baggage, it is the acquired sense of self, the feelings and memories and tastes and general personality of someone. It is the ego, it is the thing that identifies itself by a name. The Spirit is the eternal spark of a being, it is the True Will, it is an actual fragment of Divinity, the God that lives within us all. To make an analogy; The Body is like a taxi cab, a physical mode of conveyance: the Soul is the driver, piloting the vehicle and deciding the actual course; and the Spirit is the fare, the one who decides what the ultimate destination is, the reason the cab is doing anything at all.

When one dies, the body then begins to immediately break down. The Spirit moves on, continuing on its course onwards and upwards to infinity, Excelsior. It will take on other forms and other incarnations in its ongoing Quest for completion. The Soul begins to fragment, part of it stays with the body and dissolves with it, part of it may linger on the material plane, a shadow of a memory, haunting the places it used to know and dwelling in the minds of those who once knew it. With time it too will fade. Most of the soul will cling to the Spirit, at least at first, as the Spirit moves on. Part of the soul is absorbed into the fabric of the Spirit itself but the bulk will dissipate as the Spirit drifts upon the waves of Abzu, the shell of its former self slowly pealing away. Sometimes the soul does not want to let go and the process of doing so can be difficult, even painful. The Soul may put itself through its own personal Hell as it dwells by itself in the Dreamworld, clinging to an evaporating past. Eventually when it learns to let go it can then move on, rejoining the rest of consciousness, the combined memories of All. The Spirits journey does not end in the underworld, it does not linger for long. Once it has shed the parts of the self that arent absorbed it is free to continue in its course and do as it will.

The Dreamworld is Sheol, it is Dis. One can wander in its folds for a long time, the longer one does though, the more time will lose all meaning. It is here that we go when we go to sleep, and it is here that we go when we die. It is easy to become completely inundated here in this realm of ethereal distraction, especially without a physical body to provide a grounding barrier, the fuzzy border where the self ends and everything else begins becomes more and more indeterminate.

With practice you can learn to master your dreams, you can learn to become and remain lucid, remembering and controlling all that you see. In dreams you can gain prescience, you can communicate vast distances, you can even effect the waking world. Through learning to master your dreams you can even learn to master Death itself.

Friday December 11th 2010
The Founding Of AZOTH!

we are launching a new sister website called AZOTH which will be focussing on music, a subject of great interest to Seekers of DOOM. The website will be a source for postings regarding upcoming shows we've put together and are helping to promote as well albums we've reviewed and other music related matters. Eventually we intend to start pressing our own records. Please support the site by checking up on it regularly and supporting the shows!

Friday October 29th 2010
Practicing Magick

Magick, as the Master Theron put it, is the art and science of affecting change in accordance with ones will. This statement is both astute and purposefully vague since it can be applied to something as simple as making a peanut butter sandwich to getting your band signed to making it rain. This definition of magick is intentionally broad to call attention to the fact that anything that one does can be magickal - and often is. Magick is a way of life, a way of both perceiving and manipulating reality, it is a technique that can be applied to absolutely everything that one does. Magick is the doorway to a more intriguing and fulfilling existence, a life of adventure and wonder and infinite possibility.

The universe is magickal, it is an infinitely complex and unknowable living thing. Man often seeks to come to understand this universe by applying aristotelean logic to it and quantifying everything into a rigid and inflexible grid of memes and maps. Practicing magick is an act of embracing the unknown and absorbing it, creating reality for yourself, learning to know through experience rather than accepting the word of dogmatic and authoritative scientists and theologians, and in doing so becoming unknowable ourselves.

To be applied effectively magick requires a little more than just passive acceptance, it requires practice and perseverance and most importantly it requires love. You must love yourself and love those around you and love the universe itself. By projecting love you attract love because the energy you receive is concordant to the energy that you project; what you give is what you get.

We here at DOOMCULT endorse practicing a form of magick that acts more as a lifestyle, applying its technique to everything one does and perfecting the alchemy of life rather than emersing oneself in ritual work and the study of ancient and outmoded grimoires. Magick needs to be lived to be effective and it needs to be effective to be worthwhile. One needs to embrace both the ascetic as well as the aesthetic. To focus on one and ignore the other is missing the point entirely.

It is often said that magick is not for everyone and perhaps this is true. Magick is simply a way of living life to its fullest, breaking down the walls that separate you from your full potential and lighting the way to illumination and self empowerment. All is consciousness, choose to take control of your own mind, then you will be able to take control of your own DOOM.

Monday October 18th 2010
Light In The Darkness

It is hard to understand why things happen the way they do sometimes. It is the little things that consume our attention so much that the big picture is often lost behind so much mundanity. The nature of the big picture is elusive even to those who focus their attention on to it, the motivations of the forces behind the veil will almost always seem incomprehensible to those who dare contemplate them. Life may seem unfair at times and bad things will happen to good people, just remember that everything does happen for a reason. It may not make sense on the lower levels but on the highest there is a greater purpose. We all exist to learn and to achieve Gnosis - and learn and achieve Gnosis we must. Remember only this: stay true to yourself. Find your purpose in life and pursue it, do not let the slings and arrows of this mortal coil drag you down but rather rise to meet the path that lies before you and and carve out a better world for yourself. Everything else will fall into place. Do not despair, do not lose hope Proud Wanderer, we are with you in spirit, we have always been there and so we shall remain. Meet each new day with bright young eyes and you shall forever find the light in the gloom. Persevere to the end for beyond the Omega Gateway lies Infinity. It is always darkest before the Dawn.


Sunday October 17th 2010
Sick Saturnalia Rock Show Approaches!

DOOMCULT will be putting on our last show at Kimos Penthouse Lounge on Saturday November 13th. The bands will be most excellent we assure you. If you will be in San Francisco on this date it would be most beneficent for your soul to attend the festivities. The Great Egregore Zabrazodel shall look down upon our celebration with approval and those in attendance will surely receive his blessing. For more information click on the flier or the EVENTS tab in the navigation bar to the left. We hope to see you there.


Tuesday September 21st 2010
Bow Before ENKI, Lord of Abzu!

Sumerian Lord Of The Earth and The Sweet Waters, Enki is one of the most ancient gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon, greatest and wisest of them all. He was the patron deity of the venerable city of Eridu, established well over 7000 years ago. KNown as Ea to the Babylonians, he is the god of Magick, the creator of mankind, the founder of civilization, a great scholar and patron of the arts and sciences, ruler of fresh water, and the Guardian of The Abyss. Enki is the Lord of DOOM, providing newly born humans with the will and capacity to affect their own destiny. He appears as a bearded man with water flowing from his shoulders, his sign is the Caduceus, the serpent double helix.

Enki is the Sea Goat Capricorn, he is the Illuminator and the Liberator, the guiding light in the darkness. He is the Rebel Savant and stands ever vigilant against the oppression of his fascist brother, the storm god Enlil.

Enki is the Master of Abzu, the primordial Cosmic Waters. Abzu is both the swirling well of souls at the center of the Earth as well as the Far Waters, the Aethyr of the Cosmos itself. It is raw chaos, the very stuff of formation, from which all of Creation is shaped and springs forth. Its also Daath, the great Abyss, the realm that must be crossed and mastered in order to truly become a Magus.

Enki is totally awesome, the great alchemist of the gods, he created beer and drank it too. The host of many fabulous parties, he is joyous and virile, laid back and stoney. Enki is mischievous and loves a good joke, at his expense or others, but he never seeks to harm. He never moves out of anger and always seeks to disarm and reconcile those in conflict. He is good and wise, fair and just, using his magick for the betterment of others. Enki is the most ancient patron godform of our esteemed Disorder of DOOM, he is its founder and its perpetrator. Call upon his might and his wisdom to lead you through the dark night onwards to greatness, for he is the Divine Redeemer within us all.

Sunday September 12th 2010
Your DOOM Calls!

In this plastic and materialistic world where everything is a commodity that has already long since been bought and sold by an exclusive class of imperialist elite, there is only one thing that remains in the hands of each and every free person in the world; DOOM. DOOM is the only commodity left to us, we all generate it freely and can prescribe any value we choose to it, its worth is for us to decide. Our DOOM is for us to create and control, it is our guiding light and our one true purpose. For those of us who wish to tap this vital resource then the stars are our destination, for those of us who deny it and squander it then pointless toil and endless slavery are the only results.

But what is DOOM?

DOOM is literally our destiny. For those that believe that our lives are preordained and we are all merely players in an elaborate comedy long since scripted out than our DOOM is out of our hands. To these people it is as if the planets have aligned against us and we are merely puppets. But for those of us who choose to think otherwise then our lives become vast epics yet to be written and we are the story tellers of our own futures. For those of us who choose to cast aside the yoke of slavery than we can truly become free to make our own decisions, to learn from our failures and glory in our victories, but this is only for those who choose to begin The Quest.

DOOM is not just our destiny but it is the ability to control it. Let us decide for ourselves the course of our own lives, let us decide our own worth. The tools to do so are WIll and Knowledge, our guides will be Love and Wisdom. No longer must we serve others or seek outside ourselves for truth. No longer must we serve unjust masters.

DOOM is the desire for Gnosis, to know for ourselves. it is The Quest for Truth. We are our own gateways to understanding. We must not take for granted the biased and dogmatic words of Academia and Clergy. The keys to knowledge do not rest in the hands of institutions but lie in the hearts and minds of us all. It is we who are the portals to higher truth, not them, and it is only until we realize this shall the way be revealed; we must learn to see it for ourselves.

DOOM is indeed a commodity but it is not one that DOOMCULT controls. We can only show you the doorway, it is for you to choose to pass through it. Seize not just the day, but seize all of the days. Make them truly yours.

Quit your job. Lose your religion. Drop out of school. Expatriate yourself from your country. Let liberty be our light, let equality be our principle, let fraternity be our rule. Become free Brothers and Sisters. Become Free!

No more masters! No more masters! No more masters!

Monday July 19th 2010
Hex Empire

When the Legions Of DOOM arent busy plotting to take over the world and remold it in our image, we like to relax and play this delightful little strategy game about taking over the world and remolding it in your own image. Its called HEX EMPIRE.

Saturday July 17th 2010

Repent! For the end is nie! The world is awash in the hubris and mediocrity of the many and the Gods seek to cleanse the Earth of its folly. Make haste, for the final days are upon us! Make wise use of the precious few moments that remain for those moments are numbered. These are the last days of our miserable lives so let them not pass in misery. Rejoice! For the time being you still live! Set your affairs in order now! Live your life to the fullest now! There is no time to lose, for every moment that passes shall forever perish, never to be regained. Oblivion looms and your opportunity to affect your immortality dwindles to nothingness. The skies darken even as we speak. The sound of rolling thunder is the tolling of Saturns Bell, the harbinger of your impending DOOM. Turn to face it and feel the rush of the wind in your hair. Know that you are free today. Fear not the icy cloak of Death as it crouches on the threshold of tomorrow. Lo! DOOM is the manifestation of imminence! Now is your chance to become everything and nothing, far more than the mere sum of all your parts. You stand at the edge of the Abyss. Make your choice! Will you cower in chains a few steps away from greatness or will you spread your arms and leap forth into the breach to become a star?

Your DOOM calls, Proud Wanderer! Look within to find the courage to rise and meet it!

Monday July 12th 2010
Thus Spake Cagliostro

I am not of any time or any place; beyond time and space my spiritual being lives an external existence. I turn my thoughts back over the ages and I project my spirit towards an existence far beyond which you perceive, I become what I choose to be. Participating consciously in the Absolute Being, I arrange my actions according to what is at hand. My name defines my actions because I am free. My country is wherever my feet stand at the moment. Put yesterday behind you if you dare, like the forgotten ancestors who came before you, give no thought to the morrow and the illusionary hope of greatness will never be yours, I will be what I am.

-Alessandro Cagliostro

Monday June 6th 2010
The Power Of Belief

Belief is a tool that, if used effectively, can be used to manipulate ones own reality, causing the exterior world to conform to the interior world. It is one of the most significant secrets of successful magick. As surely as an optimist and a pessimist see the same world in two conflicting manners, painting their perceptions in the color pallets of their own choosing, one who controls ones own belief system can control ones own reality, even the realities of others. This is precisely what religions seek to do by imposing their own particular structures of belief and dogmas onto others, they seek to control others, and control is power. By controlling your own belief you can wield the very same power that religions have over others, internalizing that power for yourself. Power Over becomes Power From Within.

The Wizard molds his or her own beliefs to serve his or her own needs, constructing their own belief systems and world models, coloring their environment and affecting glamours as they see fit. In order to perform effective magick one must first possess the will to change the universe and then evoke the necessary belief to mold it according to ones desires. Believing in what one is doing provides the impetus for success. If you believe in yourself and what it is that you are doing you will increase your chance for success and the degree to which you succeed. Positive thinking will reflect upon you positively the same way negative thinking will reflect negatively.

To accomplish your goals in life and to attain your promised DOOM you must BELIEVE. Believe in what ever ridiculous nonsense and absurd fancy you choose to believe in, just make sure that what you believe in is what is best for you. Commit yourself fully and believe unequivocally in yourself and what you are doing and measure your success on a scale of your own design. Shine on you crazy diamond! Shine on towards your own DOOM!

Sunday May 16th 2010
The Death Of Ronnie James Dio

On this fateful day, Metal Demigod and Rainbow WIzard Ronnie James Dio has left this incarnation and embarked on his journey beyond the Starry Veil. Known affectionately as RJ by The Legion of DOOM, Dios own DOOM now leads him onwards and upwards to Infinity. He joins the ranks of Ascended Masters who Dwell in The White Lodge Beyond The Abyss, leaving behind The See of Baphomet. It is now as Nietzsche had said, "Gott ist tot."

In honor of the passing of one of the Great Living Magi, The Council Of The 8 have unanimously moved to canonize Ronnie James DIo, officially adding him to the rosters of DOOM as our 5th Patron Saint. Let us temper our grief with joy, for now RJ has become a symbol to us all. Through his music Dio lives on, In Death Dio has become Immortal. Let Dios Magnum Opus serve as a Lamp to guide us through this Long Dark Night, each of us on our own Quest for our own Rainbow.


Monday April 12th 2010
Behold! The Center of All Things!

Inherently there is a Center to All Things in creation, individually as well as collectively, from the macrocosm down to the microcosm. Even in the vast infinity that is the universe itself there is a single central point. This is true if for no other reason then the fact that to the observer they are the center of their own universe, the focal point of their own sense of perception. An exterior world essentially does not exist if it is not first perceived by the observer.

YOU are the center of All Things. YOU are the focal point about which all else that exists revolves. As the center of All Things it is your duty to all that exists and all that does not to manifest your will and shape your own destiny, your own divinity, your own DOOM. All Things conspire to do your bidding, the path will rise to meet you once you endeavor to brave it. Its course has long since been determined by your true will. The time is at hand, begin the Quest!

Your DOOM calls, will you have the courage to rise and meet it?

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