Archived Logos 2009

Monday december 14th 2009
The Revolution Is Dead.
Long Live The Uprising!

No revolution has ever ended in anything other than authoritative dictatorial government - the very same oppression revolutions seek to overthrow. Revolution's very name itself betrays its true nature, it is nothing more than a turn of the wheel. A regime is toppled only to be replaced by yet another regime, a new fascism. The tools of the revolutionary are the very same tools of their oppressors, their methods identical. Blood for blood, oil for oil, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. How can a revolutionary hope for real change when fire is used to fight fire? Terror begets terror, it does not acquiesce it. When the same mistakes are repeated the wheel revolves full circle and inevitably the same tyrants return to their thrones anointed anew.

Those in control seek more and more control until those they oppress can bear their burdens no longer. Revolutionary leaders destined to be immortalized on the T shirts of pop culture enter the scene bringing death and destruction. The ignorant masses are empowered, the angry mobs given axes to grind. The temples and statues of old are toppled rather than left standing to serve as a reminder, history is erased or repainted in infamy and soon no one will remember the old ways, ensuring that all will repeat the same mistakes again. When the fighting has stopped and the bloodshed has ended the people must build anew upon the wreckage of their past lives and the power is transfered again back to those hungry for power; exactly those who should not be allowed to possess it. The stage is set for the same age old tragedy but with yet another troupe of actors playing the tired roles. The cycle of abuse continues with a new set of masters and the wheel of revolution yet again comes full circle.

Humanity's karma must be resolved, the circle must be broken. It is time for us all to move forward rather than chase our own tail for eternity. It is the dawning of a new Aeon and the time is at hand to take a giant leap forward. A world devoid of the age old feudalistic power structures can be achieved, anarchy is a viable possibility, but only if people learn to take power for themselves and stop transferring it to those who will abuse it. This can be achieved if we will it to be so and take the steps to educate and empower ourselves. True freedom requires responsibility and it requires that we all evolve rather than revolve. It is time for us to RISE UP.

Enter the Wizard.

Monday November 30th, 2009
The Temples Scope Broadens

Several new features have been added to The Great Temple On The Mount. A small portion of the extensive Bibliography section has been placed online with many more titles forthcoming. Several new ambitious projects have been begun in earnest as well, including the Chronicles, which will make available the Epic story of the history of our Universe and DOOMs role in it; and the new Labyrinth section, what will soon be a portal into the very Realm of Chaos itself. Also, new Links, Arcana, and Saints have been added to our ever expanding catalogue. Please explore The Temple at your leisure. As it continues to take shape from the Primordial Ether the Lords Of DOOM look on, pleased.

Friday November 6th 2009
Labor Continues on The Magnum Opus

Work progresses on DOOMs mighty Temple upon the Mount. Articles embodying DOOM are constantly being added to our Unearthed Arcanum column. Older articles are now filed away in our cavernous Archives. In the weeks to come the Legion will be adding much to our Library including new spells, spirits, archetypes, and an extensive bibliography for those seeking further study. Be also prepared for the first issue of our periodical The HARBINGER Of DOOM to be released from our Presses. Lastly, our most Sovereign and Wise Magister Templi, who hath faced Choronzon The Dreaded and arisen from beyond the Abyss born fresh and anew like a Blazing Babe, communes even now as we speak with the great Egregore Zabrazodel upon the Mountain of Power. The Manifesto Of DOOM shall soon follow.

Seek Ye the Portal to our DOOMINION and Ye shall be greatly rewarded.

Obliterate your paradigms and only your DOOM will remain.

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